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Next Step Affiliates

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Earn up to 12.5% in commissions on all referred purchases. Use the calculator to estimate your earnings.
Our Affiliate Plans
1-15 monthly referrals Earn
16-50 monthly referrals earn
51- 100 monthly referrals Earn
100+ monthly referrals Earn
VIP program:

if you refer over 250 traders in a month consecutively, we will contact you directly.

Why should you partner with Next Step Funded?
Best multi-tier commission plan in the industry. Simply sign up and you will be approved within 24hrs.
Swift & Simple Withdrawals
Initiate your withdrawal from the dashboard and receive your commissions on the 1st and 15th of every month
Instant Monitoring
Monitor your clicks, sign-ups, and conversions as they happen to keep abreast of your achievements. Additionally, you can effortlessly view your payment and withdrawal history from your dashboard.
The guidelines governing the Next Step Funded Affiliate Programs include:
  1. Commissions won’t be granted if a purchase is made using one’s own affiliate link.

  2. Every participant can register just once through a single referral link.

  3. A unique affiliate link comes with a 90-day cookie duration. Purchases post this timeframe won’t be credited to the affiliate’s commission.

  4. Only a trader’s initial purchase qualifies for commission. Additional top-ups or resets aren’t commissionable.
    Rewards are processed only after successful payment clearance on Next Step Funded’s side.

  5. Affiliates must refrain from negative marketing strategies, particularly those using derogatory language before endorsing our services.

  6. Commissions won’t be granted if a customer uses another affiliate’s discount code for a new package.

  7. Affiliate sales undergo a verification process by Next Step Funded to confirm legitimacy.

  8. Commission rates differ based on the affiliate tier

  9. Affiliates receive their commission via USDT.

  10. Affiliates can withdraw once their commission totals $100

  11. Withdrawal requests should be emailed to [email protected] and will be processed after ensuring all guidelines are adhered to. Payouts are released upon request, subject to Next Step Funded’s approval.

  12. Withdrawal are processed biweekly.

  13. Next Step Funded holds the authority to revise these provisions. Regularly reviewing these is the affiliate’s responsibility.

  14. Next Step Funded can delay payments for affiliates in breach of our guidelines or involved in deceptive practices.