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Income Stream by Funded Trading for Beginners


Next Step Funded offers a variety of income streams for traders, especially those who are new to working with prop firms. Here’s what beginners can expect to earn after they clear the evaluation process: 


  • Profit Split: Keep up to 80% of profits, trade anytime, and hold trades over the weekend. 

  • Simple Payout Policy: Follow the challenge consistency rules and earn your first payout.

  • First Payout Bonus: Get your first month refunded after earning your first payout for one step accounts.

  • Competitions: We host trading competitions and giveaways on our Discord channel for our Funded Traders.

  • Referrals: Join one of our prop firm affiliate programs and earn passive income with your fx trading referrals.


Next Step Funded offers a different combination of income streams, profit-sharing arrangements, and trader support for beginners and seasoned traders.

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Increase Income Streams by Working with No Evaluation Prop Firms

You keep failing trading challenges? There’s an alternative, you can still generate income streams by trading with no-evaluation prop firms like us.
The Next Step Funded trader guide helps you acquire the skill set, discipline, and expertise to generate big profits for prop firms. Join our Discord to start learning risk management and how to win a prop firm funded account challenge.


Here are steps to help increase your trading income as funded traders:

  • Develop a Profitable Funded Trading Strategy 

      • Prepare a trading strategy that aligns with your style, risk tolerance, and the assets you are putting money on (We have one of the largest asset options in the prop trading including fx, stock CFDs, commodities, crude oil and even metals)

      • Set up your TP and SL for you to know when to enter and exit a trade

      • Comply with the prop firm’s leverage and risk management rules

      • Take the time to backtest to get a true feel for how the trading strategy plays out using demo accounts

  • Demonstrate Consistency and Profitability

      • Execute your trading strategy to pursue profitability targets that you must meet to retain your trading account

  • Risk Management Skills


      • Regular risk exposure to protect the capital against significant losses

      • Exercise stop-loss orders to reduce potential trading losses
  • Trade with Discipline


      • Stick to your trading plan and avoid impulsive or emotional trading decisions

      • Avoid overtrading; act responsibly

  • Educate and Upskill


      • Educate yourself by joining our online community with trading tips and even tutorials
        Discord Invite

      • Stay updated about the market news and trends that might directly or indirectly impact your trading strategy

      • Seek tips from peers and other experienced traders

  • Experiment Against Market Conditions


      • Demonstrate the willingness to tweak your trading strategy as market conditions change

      • Do not fear experimenting with different trading strategies

  • Communication and Feedback


      • Be honest and communicate with the prop firm

      • Seek expert feedback and guidance if and when needed

      • Attend training sessions conducted by the firm or any other trading institutes

  • Monitor and Analyze Trades


      • Make a record of trading data to identify familiar patterns and trends

      • Determine areas for improvement in your trading strategy

  • Networking and Collaboration


    • Share ideas and insights with other traders


Prop FX trading carries inherent risks; do not expect unreasonable profits. Working as a funded trader is a glamorous lifestyle but takes hard work and dedication, that’s why at Next Step Funded we can help our traders every step of the way to become successful funded traders.


If you’re not satisfied with your income or struggling to scale your career, learn how to become a prop firm trader and you will be much happier. 

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Profitable Types of Trading for Beginners


Next Step Funded introduces trading for beginners based on different time frame strategies that are proven to bring results. Each type of trading has its own set of risks and rewards but institutional traders make use of each one to generate profits. Select the one that works best for you.


Day Trading


Day traders buy and sell within the same day. This is a high-risk, high-reward trading strategy that enables profitability based on short-term price fluctuations in the market. Day trading for beginners is an attractive proposition but it is also highly competitive due to the fast-paced nature of the trading activity.

HFT Trading


The best day traders usually use high frequency trading methods to generate returns. We are one of the few prop firms that accept HFT trading, choose one of our two step challenge programs and start your funded challenge.


Swing Trading


Swing traders leverage medium-term price movements in financial markets. Traders can hold positions for several days, weeks, or even months. The goal of swing trading is to make a profit from both upward and downward price trends. Swing trading is ideal for those who can’t dedicate the entire day to trading but still want to actively participate in the markets. 




Scalping is a very short-term trading strategy. The success of scalping trading capitalizes on a large number of small and short-term fluctuations in price. Traders can often hold trading positions for just seconds to a few minutes. Scalping is a profitable trading strategy for experienced traders and for those who can handle the high-risk nature of the market. 


Trading risks can never be zero. Whether trading for the first time or the nth time, choose the trading strategy that goes with your style and gets you closer to your financial goals.  


Stay informed about the changing terms and conditions of your agreement with the prop firm. It helps to assess your income expectations from funded trading with Next Step Funded. 

Start Funded Trading & Generate Regular Income

Funded trading is challenging, but once you become experienced and are able to implement proper risk management you may be able to make it big. 

At Next Step Funded, we understand the hard work that goes into becoming a top funded trader and we help our trader by having almost instant funding at our prop firm and guaranteeing the lowest drawdown limitations on our challenges. Start as a beginner or experienced trader and leverage your potential to earn maximum profit in prop fx trading. 

It may take a while before you enjoy the financial benefits of funded trading. We provide all the help to increase your income and grow to become a successful funded trader.