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Proprietary Trading Firms: Your Path to Funded Trading Accounts

The journey from a beginner trader to being a funded account holder can be challenging in our current competitive trading world. But with the correct plan and assistance, it’s possible and profitable.


Welcome to Next Step Funded, your gateway to a thriving career in trading. Our proprietary trading firm offers a comprehensive scaling plan that empowers advanced traders to unlock their full trading potential and funded accounts profits.

What Is Proprietary Trading?


Before diving into the details of our scaling plan, let’s clarify what proprietary trading entails. Prop trading, also known as proprietary trading, is trading financial assets such as stocks, foreign exchange, and commodities using a company’s money rather than your own. With this strategy, traders may earn from the financial markets without risking their own money.

Why Choose the Best Prop Firm Forex?

Access to Substantial Capital:


One of the primary advantages of trading with a proprietary firm is access to substantial capital. These companies give money to traders who exhibit competence and discipline, enabling them to trade big positions and make more money.

Risk Management:

Proprietary trading firms are experts in risk management. They provide traders instructions and risk parameters, ensuring that deals are carried out within set boundaries. This strategy reduces the chance of suffering a substantial loss.

Profit-Sharing Model:


Proprietary firms typically operate on a profit-sharing model. Traders receive a share of the earnings from their trading activity, and their earnings increase with their level of performance.

Our Prop Trading Scaling Plan

Next Step Funded, we understand that every trader’s journey is unique. Our prop trading scaling plan is designed to accommodate traders at various skill levels and financial objectives. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Next Step Challenge

The journey begins with selecting and purchasing the challenge that aligns with your trading interests and goals. Our challenges come in different tiers, starting from as low as $15,000 to $200,000. These challenges serve as a test of your trading abilities and determination.

Step 2: Next Step Verification


Successfully pass our one or two-step challenge and undergo the identity verification process (KYC). This step ensures that you meet the criteria to become a funded trader with

Step 3: Next Step Trader

Once you’ve passed the challenge and completed the verification process, you can start making money with your funded account. Follow our trading rules and strategies to maximize profits while managing risk effectively. Demonstrate a good trading track record and access our scale up features!

Our Prop Trading Scaling Plan

Extensive Asset Offering:

One of the broadest selections in the prop trading market, we provide traders with access to more than 500 items listed at our partner broker. Trade major and minor forex pairs, metals, oil, stock indices, and stock CFDs easily.

World-Class Trading Platforms:

Powered by Eightcap, our trading platforms are intuitive and fully customizable. Whether you prefer web trading or desktop and mobile apps, you’ll experience a smooth and efficient trading journey.

Fast Execution:

Our trading infrastructure is hosted in Equinix data centers by Eightcap, ensuring optimal performance at all times with minimal latency.

Profit Potential:

Keep up to 80% of the profits you generate, giving you a significant incentive to excel in your trading endeavors.

Funded Account Loss Prevention

Funded Trading Scaling Program


Our scaling program isn’t just about providing access to capital and empowering traders to succeed. With access to over 500 financial instruments, including forex, metals, oil, stock indices, and stock CFDs, you can diversify your trading portfolio and explore new opportunities.


Our trading systems, powered by Eightcap, provide a smooth and adaptable trading experience. Fast execution, housed in Equinix data centers, guarantees constant peak performance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Financial organizations known as proprietary trading companies give traders access to funds to trade financial products. With a portion of the gains flowing to the trader, traders can profit off the firm’s money.

Your choice should align with your trading goals and risk tolerance. You can obtain experience by beginning with a lower-tier task before scaling up.

You may diversify your trading portfolio with our extensive selection of trading instruments, which includes forex, metals, oil, stock indices, and stock CFDs.

Start Your Path to Success with Next Step Funded

Utilize the scaling strategy provided by Next Step Funded to start your path toward being a funded trader. Our commitment to providing access to capital, world-class trading platforms, and expert support sets us apart as one of the best prop firms forex in the industry.

Today, take the Next Step and let’s together discover the world of trading. Your path to financial success starts here.